Monaco shines at Bombay Fashion Week

Delhi based fashion designer Rahul Mishra has shone a light on the Principality with his latest collection entitled ‘Monaco’.

Photo: Monaco Government, credit DR

Following a trip to Monaco last year, 39-year-old Indian designer Rahul Mishra was inspired. He went home and started, with the collaboration of Monaco’s representative in India, to create a whole new line based on his experiences in the Principality. This line debuted to great success during this year’s FDCI India Couture Week held at the elegant Taj Palace in Bombay.

The show, called ‘Monaco’, was attended by Bollywood stars, business leaders, celebrities and several media outlets, allowing them all to take a trip to the fabled Principality without leaving home.

The glamorous collection was distinctly Indian, but with a palette of pastels reminiscent of the Mediterranean and a set created to look like the streets of Monaco. The intricate floral motifs, hand-embroidered, were a take on the Principality’s lush gardens and foliage.