Monaco sets the record straight for French speedsters

The Monaco Government is reminding drivers that authorities in France have been handing over information on serious traffic offenders to the Monegasque government since 2016, despite claims to the contrary last week.

Photo: Michael Alesi

Minister of the Interior Patrice Cellario and Sylive Petit-Leclair, Monaco’s Public Prosecutor, recently held a press conference to highlight the current road safety rules agreed upon between Monaco and France.

It follows comments by Emmanuel Barbe, France’s Minister for Road Safety, last week on French radio that a new agreement between Paris and Monaco is streamlining the sharing of information and will see the worst traffic offenders, whose cars are registered in Monaco and caught speeding in France, reprimanded for the first time.

It was also claimed that French drivers caught speeding in Monaco will not face the same punishment.

But according to Monaco, the French government has routinely given the names of repeat and serious offenders to the police in the Principality, allowing them to issue warnings. The law breakers are either called in for an interview or sent a written notice. Most of the crimes relate to speed and failure to stop at red lights.

This system has resulted in the number of people who have committed 50 or more violations drop from 117 in 2017, to 20 in 2019.

“Cracking down on road traffic offences is a key focus of the Government’s security policy,” said Patrice Cellario. “Our efforts must be applied both at home and abroad. Drivers cannot be allowed to feel a sense of impunity. The figures we have presented show that we are heading in the right direction.”