Monaco rewards eco-friendly app in Brazil

The Monaco Tourism Office has awarded its Green is the New Glam Award to a start-up in Brazil that is promoting sustainable ways of travelling by water. It means that the winner can now pitch their project to thousands of entrepreneurs and investors.

Navegue Now website

Monaco, in its quest to promote sustainable development projects both in and outside the Principality, took the show on the road and participated in this year’s Gramado Summit in Brazil from 31st July to 2nd August.

The summit, touted as the biggest brainstorming session in Latin America, attracted more than 4,000 people, including 100 companies, 120 speakers, and dozens of investors. It is intended to allow upstart companies the chance to meet with business leaders and investors.


Monaco’s interests lay in start-ups whose projects have an ecological spin and to that end the Monaco Tourism Board presented the Green is the New Glam Award to one company who stood out in that respect.

Out of 10 finalists, the award was given to Navegue, a company who created an app for mariners and passengers interested in environmentally responsible modes of transportation along the Capibaribe River, which runs through the city of Recife.