Monaco resident promotes peace in orbit

Photo: Twitter @namirasalim
Photo: Twitter @namirasalim

A high-level conference and interactive exhibit, “(Zero Gravity) 0G Summit – Space Diplomacy in the Age of NewSpace” announced its mission to make Space the New Frontier for Peace during the prestigious 2017 Concordia Annual Summit, on the sidelines of the General Debate of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 19.

Monaco resident Namira Salim co-chaired the Summit, her brainchild, which is the lead initiative of her non-profit, nonpartisan organisation, Space Trust. The event was co-chaired, moderated and hosted by Dr Lance Bush, President & CEO of Challenger Center.

“This year’s 0G Summit dialogue reinforced the importance of the space industry and the benefits it offers to citizens around the globe,” said Dr. Bush. “To ensure the industry continues to innovate at a high level, it is critical that we all work to inspire today’s students to pursue space and other STEM-related careers.”

Namira is internationally renowned as the first (future) Space Tourist from South Asia, Middle East and Monaco to go to space aboard Virgin Galactic—the first private space-line of the world. Sir Richard Branson, Chairman Virgin Group, personally introduced Namira to the world press in Dubai in 2006, as one of the earliest Founders of Virgin Galactic.

“As spacefaring and new space nations expand cooperation via human and robotic missions, the world is on the verge of ushering Space ‘Shuttle’ Diplomacy,” said Namira Salim. “So, why not open space to world leaders and politicians to utilize the orbit for sustainable peacemaking and conflict resolution on earth?”

0G Summit 2030 is being observed by United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and was presented this past February in Vienna at the 54th Session of the Scientific and Technical Sub-Committee of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS).

The (Zero Gravity) 0G Summit, has been advocating the first peace summit in orbit by 2030. The International Space Station has become a beacon for international cooperation in space—where future commercial space stations in orbit by the mid-2020s could serve as a concrete platform for convenings in zero gravity.

Namira is an avid promoter of Private Spaceflight, the new age of space exploration and a keen advocate of peaceful uses of Space. She has undertaken pioneering peace expeditions to all three poles of the world, and is the first Pakistani and first woman from Monaco and the UAE to have reached the North and South Poles in 2007/08, as well as the first Asian to skydive (tandem) over Mount Everest in 2008.

Namira holds a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University. She is a regular speaker at top space industry events and UN Conferences and has held official peace-themed exhibitions during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, UNESCO’s Executive Board in Paris and OIC Day at UNESCO and several events under the Patronage of Royalty from Monaco and Dubai. Namira has served as an Honorary Ambassador for Pakistan and Honorary Consul in the Principality of Monaco, where she has been based for 20 years.

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Photo: Michel Ravassard
Photo: Michel Ravassard