Monaco Paws: The Rescued and the Rescuers


The dog days of summer have arrived and Monaco Paws is back on the street. Big dogs are not commonly seen around Monaco, but this week we had the chance to meet the beautiful Hound called Max and his owners Dr Pierre Burghgraeve and his son Raphael.

Max the Hound with his owners, Dr Pierre Burghgraeve and his son Raphael
Max the Hound with his owners, Dr Pierre Burghgraeve and his son Raphael

Why did you decide to get a dog?
The kids had recently lost their Grandmother and they were very sad. They had wanted a dog for a very long time.

Where did you get Max?
We rescued him from Le refuge de La Conca, located in Tourrette Levens. (Tel: 04 93 91 01 13).

Why was Max at the dog shelter?
He was bred to be a hunting dog, but he was not suited to it. He is scared of everything, but we got a nice feeling from him and we loved his big ears.

How has Max adjusted to life in Monaco?
We take him for long walks, at least 2 hours a day. As he can never be alone he comes everywhere with us.

So you bring him to your office and on house calls?
Yes, Max always comes to work with me and my patients love him. He is really friendly with everyone. When I don’t bring him on house calls, people ask for him.

Do you think that dogs aid the healing process?
They can feel how we feel. Dogs often make people smile and feel a bit better.

Does Max have any special training?
We tried, but it never works. I think he was too traumatised when he was a puppy. He goes into a complete panic if we leave him home alone.

Does Max like to swim?
He hates water, really, he is scared of everything.

What does he like to eat?
We cook meat and rice for him. We tried everything but it’s the only thing he will eat.

Max is really gentle and calm now. Do you think he has recovered a bit from his previous environment?
As long as he is with us, he is happy… and so are we.

Monaco Paws is a collaboration between writer Siri Trang Khalsa and photographer Kaidi-Katariin Knox. Follow on Instagram @stkmonaco and or contact