Monaco organises UN Youth World Cup 2018

The Permanent Mission of the Principality of Monaco to the United Nations in New York held the “World Cup of Sustainable Development Goals for Young People” from June 22 to 24 to promote the SDGs through sport.

Eight out-of-school programmes supported by NGOs were selected by New York City Hall, representatives from the SDG Fund, UNICEF and UN Women to raise awareness of the UN’s work for sustainable development.

Each of the eight teams was awarded official jerseys donated by the partner delegations -Germany, Belgium, France, Morocco, Republic of Korea, Senegal and the Russian Federation.

The Head of Cabinet of the President of the General Assembly kicked off the tournament in which 80 girls and boys aged 10 to 15 took part. The finalist teams were awarded by the Permanent Representative of Monaco and the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation.

All children, coaches and chaperones were also invited by the New York City Football Club to a match between the club and the Toronto team for the championship at Yankee Stadium.

Building on this experience, the SDG Fund will present, as part of the next High Level Policy Forum on Sustainable Development, a guide on the use of sport for the promotion and implementation of SDGs.