Monaco Life’s Top 10 List for participating in No Finish Line 2016

No Finish Line officially kicked off Saturday, November 12 at 2 pm. Here’s why you need to throw on a pair of shoes and get over to the Chapiteau in Fontvieille:


10.Quality time with family and dogs(s)


9. Remind yourself that next year you’re going to get more involved and run with Monaco Special Olympics or assist those with mobility issues

NFLPhilippe8. Support Philippe Verdier – who launched NFL Paris in May 2016, NFL Oslo in September 2016 and next year in Athens – in his quest to have a NFL every week of the year across the planet

friends7.Run into friends and catch up over a few laps

NFLADRAIN6. Encourage the 45 runners who will sleep and eat on the NFL circuit for the
next 8 days, like Adrian MacDermott from London, last year’s 11th place finisher

fastlane5. When else do you get a chance to live in the fast lane in Monaco?

NFL museum

4. For the great views, like of the Oceanographic Museum

nflpastor3. Learn about local businesses, like Barclays Monaco and Pastor Group, that get behind the community as NFL sponsors

Tonelli2. Chance to talk to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr Gilles Tonelli, about running

nflbanner1. Every kilometre equals one euro in support of Children & Future

You can watch the NFL event live from the tent. Share your NFL pic on Instagram Monacolife_ hashtag #MyMonacoLife

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Article first published November 12, 2016.

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