Monaco is FOR YOU launch

A new promotional campaign has been rolled out called ‘Monaco is FOR YOU’ and is directed at tourism professionals and casual travellers alike.

The Monegasque Tourism and Convention Department has initiated a new promotion to replace ‘Destination Monaco’. Rather than a vague request to experience the Principality, they believe FOR MONACO is an invitation to explore and enjoy all there is on offer.

“With this new campaign, our goal is to position the Principality as a destination that reinvents itself, staying true to its DNA,” says General Manager of Tourism, Guy Antognelli.

He adds that the significant elements that make Monaco a special destination: excellence, achievement, ethics, commitment, quality and expertise to name a few, are still the same as they ever were, only now there is more of a call to arms, rather than a passive approach.

The elements that comprise FOR YOU are based on 10 major themes: culture, gastronomy, sport, family, games, weekend getaways, responsible tourism, nightlife, spa related, and conventions and it covers all segments of touristic activity in Monaco. The target markets for the initial launch are primarily European and America, and include the French, British, Swiss, Russian, Italian, Belgian, Austrian and German markets.

Tourism is an extremely important part of the economy and this new campaign is meant to exploit that fact for the best outcomes for local business and visitors alike.