Monaco imagination at Games Festival

TOMTECT team around Tom Van Der Bruggen. Photo: Julien Tomas
TomTecT team with Tom Van der Bruggen. Photo: Julien Tomas

The Monegasque company TomTecT created an outstanding event at the Cannes International Games Festival (February 24-26), organising fashion shows with models of all ages dressed in TomTecT boards. The objective was to distinguish their stand from the numerous other exhibitors, and to demonstrate the many possibilities and adaptability of the TomTecT construction toy.

Tom Van der Bruggen, inventor of the environmentally-friendly Kapla games, takes children even further in creativity and imagination with the new TomTecT construction set, launched in 2015, by enabling them to build different kinds of monumental models: trains, cars, boats, as well as houses and animals. The thin and light wooden boards, from renewable pine trees from the Landes Forest, come in seven different sizes and are connected by flexible hinge clamps, which allow the pieces to combine to create lightweight and movable structures.

TomTecT is an inexhaustible source that develops imagination, drive, concentration and orientation in space. The game is aimed at children from five years old, teenagers, and also students, in architecture, plastic arts, and of course adults.

tomtect2“Being also passionate about architecture and bridges, I had begun to think about another concept. Then touched by the extreme beauty of Tuscan architecture, I began the development of my new construction game, TomTect, which allows the building of stable structures and of different types of bridges,” the Dutchman said. “This game combines lightness, elegance, and beauty.”

TomTect, a Monaco-based company, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. And although they just presented a new product, the TomTecT 500, at the Cannes festival, Tom Van der Bruggen is already working on the preparation of a third construction game, doll houses, and plans to open a TomTecT-Kapla museum in Nice.



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