Monaco has oldest population

Monaco once again takes the top spot in a global league table, this time in terms of average age…

The Principality’s citizens and residents are 51.1 years old, on average, according to the 2014 CIA World Factbook, almost five years older than the nation ranked second, Germany (46.5 years). Japan (46.1), Italy (44.5) and Austria (44.3) complete the top five countries, while 17 of the top 25 destinations are in Europe.

Europe’s domination continues beyond the top 25. Canada is followed by Denmark, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Hungary, Portugal, the Czech Republic, France, Malta and Bosnia and Herzegovina, before we reach another non-European country: South Korea.

The UK is one of Europe’s more youthful countries, and 41st overall – its residents are 40.4 years old, on average. The US (37.6 years) comes 63rd.

There are few surprises  when it comes to the other end of the scale. Nearly all of the youngest 25 territories are in Africa (Afghanistan, Palestine/Gaza Strip and East Timor are the only exceptions), with residents of Niger just 15.1 years old on average – the lowest overall and a remarkable 36 years below Monaco.

While Monaco’s top ranking is no doubt due in fact to wider demographic factors, it is also influenced by lifestyle.