Monaco endorses Safe Schools Declaration

Monaco has announced its endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration, becoming the 80th country to commit to safeguarding education during armed conflict, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack announced on August 1.

More than one-third of all United Nations member states and the majority of the UN Security Council members have already taken this critical step towards ensuring education for all.

“With Monaco, 36 Council of Europe members and 24 members of the Organization of French-speaking Countries have endorsed the Declaration,” said Diya Nijhowne, GCPEA director.

“This widespread support for the Safe Schools Declaration should serve as a clarion call for the remaining members to unite in these crucial efforts to protect students and educators living in war.”

Mothers of Africa School
Photo: Paul Crompton/Go Zambia – Shiyala School Build 2017

Monaco’s endorsement of the Declaration followed the recent UN Security Council open debate on children and armed conflict in New York on July 9. Attacks on, and military use of, schools emerged as an important issue at the debate, with support for the Safe Schools Declaration mentioned in 36 statements.

Monaco expressed its strong political support for protection of education in armed conflict by co-sponsoring the resolution, along with almost 100 other member states.