Monaco embraces fight against deforestation

Monaco’s effort to limit deforestation across the globe has been backed by local businesses who have now committed to reducing their wood-based consumption practices.

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As part of the ‘Monaco fight against deforestation’ initiative, a new charter has been adopted with 98% unanimity. It was initiated in partnership with the Prince’s Government, the Prince Albert II Foundation, the Monaco Développement Durable (MC2D) and the Insititut Mediterraneen d’Etudes et du Développement Durable (IMEDD), and represents a new way of looking at our forests and the impact we have on them in everyday life, either in what we choose to buy, how we use wood-based products at work or whether we decide to use alternatives to lessen consumption.

The signatories, made up of local businesses, have pledged to either use or be the most environmentally responsible vendors when purchasing and selling wood products, ranging from raw materials to furniture. Around 46% of adherents also agree to lessen paper usage in offices by going digital.

 “It is essential to protect forests in situ, but each of us can also act through daily choices that are made,” said Monaco’s Director of the Environment Valérie Davenet.

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change and destroys the habitats of rare, endangered and as yet undiscovered species of plants and animals, as well as having a human toll on indigenous populations.