Monaco Disease Power fundraiser at Yacht Club

Monaco Disease Power President Muriel Natali-Laure with HSH Prince Albert
Monaco Disease Power President Muriel Natali-Laure with HSH Prince Albert

As every year, the association Monaco Disease Power holds a charity event, which takes place this year on April 12 at the Yacht Club of Monaco.

Under the presidency of Prince Albert, this gala brings together many personalities from the Principality, the main supporters of the association, as well as families concerned by disability issues.

The organisers say: “After celebrating our 10th anniversary last June, more than ever, we need you to see the many projects undertaken by the association for the benefit of children with autism, disability or mental illness.”

Among these projects, the extension of the Maison d’Amélie at Annot, a place of life and respite for children and their families, will double its reception capacity as well as see the creation of additional clusters of activities, including a therapeutic basin, an activity room and a multipurpose room. This will bring new programmes to life, including medical conferences on various issues related to autism and mental disabilities, and the creation of a training centre for staff specialising in the care of people with autism.

“It is only thanks to donations that we have been able to carry out many achievements for more than ten years, it is thanks to you that we will continue our activities.”

April is Autism Awareness Month, and this year Monaco Disease Power will be a partner of the “1000 km for Autism”, a tandem bike event that starts from 2 impasse de la Fontaine in Monaco on Sunday, April 29 and ends in Le Touquet on May 12.

Tickets for the gala are €250 per person. Info:


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