Monaco clinic looks at benefits of digitisation

IMG_0072IM2S held a conference on the theme of “Digital medicine: Opportunities and Prospects for Surgery 2.0” at the Novotel in Monte-Carlo on March 2. The event looked to sensitise the medical and decision-making public in Monaco to the wide-ranging implications of the digitisation of healthcare professions.

The Scientific Centre of Monaco (CSM) is extremely attuned to these new technologies and supports it by allowing Dr Bruno Ferré, the Former President of the French Association of Foot Surgery, to move onto a phase of deployment of this system, which he continues to develop within Digital-Orthopedics, in partnership with Dassault Systems.

IM2S founder Dr Ballerio pointed out that the digitisation of medicine has a direct impact on the management of patients both because of the increasing frequency of ambulatory surgery – without hospitalisation – but also in relation with the shorter duration of overnight stays. Digitisation improves the patient’s safety and contributes to better results for the patient and also for the healthcare team.

Mrs Caron, Deputy Chairman of IM2S, recalled that the Principality was resolutely looking to the future and would be able, through the IM2S and its health system, to “surf the wave” represented by the digitisation of medicine.

Presenting techniques that will improve the quality of patient care tomorrow while reducing costs, the conference brought together experts including Professor Rampal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSM, Dr Thibaut Leemrijse orthopedic surgeon and former Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, Mr Alban von Landegheim, pharmacist and business consultant at Dassault Systèmes, Mr Edouard Lete, European Director of Simulia (Dassault Systems), as well as Mr Eric Haliqua, CEO of Digital-Orthopedics.



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