Monaco Bus Company signs agreement between the management and the union

An agreement was signed at the Ministry of State by the representatives of the Monaco Bus Company Management and the Union of the Bus Company of Monaco.

This concludes negotiations that started in July with three weeks of strike action by CAM staff.

Copyright - Directorate of Communication / Michael Alési
Copyright – Directorate of Communication / Michael Alési

At the initiative of the union, the parties implemented a joint commission of “settlement of different collective orders” chaired by a representative of the Administration and composed of three representatives of the Directorate as well as three representatives of the personnel, in accordance with the collective agreement of the CAM.

“The role of the Administration was to facilitate the dialogue between the management and the union” says Cyril Gomez, Director General of the Department of Equipment, Environment and Urbanism, who chaired the Joint Commission. He adds, “This work, which concludes today with the signing of an agreement, has made it possible to find solutions that can align Management’s proposals with some of the demands expressed by the staff of the CAM.”

After seven meetings of the Joint Committee, between 22 August and 20 November, the two parties agreed on a number of points, including the planning of bus drivers, the organisation of weekends and the premium off-beat meal.