Monaco backs new rules on ship emissions

Photo: DR
Photo: DR

On May 14, Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Monaco’s Permanent Representative at the International Maritime Organisation, submitted to its Secretary-General the Instruments of Adhesion to the 1997 Protocol to Amend the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, known as the MARPOL 73/78 Convention.

The text is a recognition of the menace of pollution of the atmosphere by ships and is part of the evolution of the MARPOL Convention to which the Principality is already a signatory.

The 1997 Protocol is an important tool to reinforce the international system to fight atmospheric pollution, and the latest protocol adds Annex VI to MARPOL 73/78, which limits the pollution of the atmosphere by ships.

More specifically, these rules set emission limits for sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides from ship exhaust and prohibit deliberate emissions of ozone-depleting substances. The adherence to this text illustrates the importance that Prince Albert attaches to the protection of the environment.


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