Monaco Back to the Future airs Tuesday

An audience was invited by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation on Friday, May 12, to an afternoon preview of Christine Oberdorff’s documentary film, Monaco Back to the Future, at Rainier III Auditorium. The documentary is due to be broadcast on Tuesday, May 16, on Ushuaia TV, a nature channel that is part of the TF1 Group.

The topic, as its name suggests, focuses on the Principality’s constant search for new technologies and cleaner machines for the future. Prince Albert, along with Venturi owner Gildo Pastor and some 600 viewers, attended Friday’s 60-minute screening.

The filmmaker followed Venturi’s VBB3, the fastest electric car in the world, first conceptualised in Monaco, from the Principality to the Salt Lake of Utah.

Ms Oberdorff went on to examine the history of the Principality and the pioneering role its Princes has played in promoting technological innovations and sustainable mobility, from the first helicopter to Solar Impulse, from electric vehicle racing to solar and hydrogen ships.

Accompanying the Sovereign Prince, Ms Oberdorff and the team from Ushuaia TV discovered these great technological adventures initiated or supported by the Principality, through a journey from Monaco to Columbus in the US, via the COP 22 of Marrakech.

It is not lost on the filmmaker than Monaco, despite its minuscule size of two square kilometres, is achieving huge advances in clean and green technology.

Monaco Back to the Future will air Tuesday, May 16 at 8:40 pm on Ushuaia TV. (Feature photo: Facebook Christine Oberdorff – Ushuaïa TV)



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