Monaco and the Med to address today’s huge challenges

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Rays Sun Shine Ocean Bright Sea Sky Natural

“Artists and intellectuals in the Mediterranean their places, their roles, their challenges” will be the focus of the Ninth International Meeting of Monaco and the Mediterranean that will be held on March 15 and 16, at the Oceanographic Museum under the High Patronage of HSH the Sovereign Prince (this follows Prince Albert’s 60th birthday on March 14).

The challenge posed by this international symposium, open to the public, is twofold: to recall the richness of the cultural history of the Mediterranean and to highlight the capacity of creative minds to find new expressions of the Mediterranean spirit.

Long considered by Paul Valéry, as “a factory of civilisations”, today the Mediterranean ecosystem is threatened, amidst societies that have been torn apart.

Between these two antagonistic visions of the Mediterranean: the one magnified yesterday and the one tarnished today, it is essential to return to examine its heritage, its values, and its vital forces, the organisers say.

Intellectuals and creative minds will be brought together for three roundtables “The Mediterranean: inspirations and circulations”,”Mediterranean Literature: Cross Dialogues” and “Art on the move,”

Finally, the closing night will be devoted to the showing of a film in the presence of its director.


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