Mobility and leisure, let’s live together

Journee du handicapAs has been the case every year for the last five years, on the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons, the Department of Health and Social Affairs organised the fifth Monaco Disability Encounter at the Auditorium of the Lycée Technique et Hotelier in Monaco on Monday, December 5.

The Prince’s Government wished to associate the Principality, for the fifth time, with the commemoration of this day proclaimed by the United Nation. The theme chosen this year was “Mobility and leisure: let’s live together”.

Minister Stéphane Valeri recalled the progress already made, and provided an update on the main provisions of the law on accessibility to buildings as approved on December 1 by the National Council and bearing in mind Monaco’s specific topographical challenges.

Representatives of the Directorate of Urban Development, the Monaco Bus Company, Mobibus, the City Council of Monaco and the Direction of Stade Louis II, spoke on the topic of implementation, particularly on access to recreation for all, with particular emphasis on the public swimming pools and the Larvotto beach (Handiplage/Audioplage).

The day ended with a public debate, including leaders of concerned associations, as well as people with disabilities, who were able to get answers to their questions and make suggestions to decision makers and professionals present.

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