Miraculous water ‘fountain’ donated to Prince Albert

PAGiacominiAn incredible machine that traps moisture from air could solve the water shortage that affects so many people worldwide. This was the device donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation last month and presented directly to HSH Prince Albert by Angela Van Wright Von Berger, President of the NGO Unakids, and Marco Honegger, founder of the Watershed Association and co-founder of SEAS, the company which manufactures the machine.

Graziano Giacomini, President of Association SEAS, said: “It’s a machine that extracts humidity from the air and then a sponge that fills with water is pressed so the water can descend. The machine creates completely potable water, which we can drink. This equipment serves to help countries where drinking water is rare, where water is polluted, or where populations cannot conveniently find water.”

Watershed, which was founded in Monaco last year, has identified areas where the “AWA Modula 25” can be put to best use. It can produce up to 250 litres of water a day, and the Foundation will be sending this particular water fountain to Burkina Faso, where it will be put to use by the Burkina Faso Red Cross training centre, which is being constructed using the structure of the Monaco Pavilion from the Milan Expo.


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