Minister of State goes back to school

Photo: © Direction de la Communication Charly Gallo
Photo: © Direction de la Communication Charly Gallo

Yesterday morning, accompanied by Patrice Cellario, Interior Minister, and Isabelle Bonnal, Director of Education, Youth and Sports, Serge Telle, Minister of State, attended the first day of class at the Lycée Albert I, after being welcomed by the headmaster, Pierre Cellario.

The Minister then visited students in the Vocational Education section (SEGPA) of the Technical and Hotel School of Monaco, in the presence of the headmaster, Jean-Marc Deoriti.

Serge Telle said he wished to demonstrate the commitment of the Government to every student studying in the institutions of the Principality. They will get special attention and be accompanied in their school career to go as far as possible in their personal development. This diligence and individualised assistance in Monaco schools contributes to the excellence of the education system desired by HSH Prince Albert.

This year, 5,883 students are enrolled in the Principality, 4,580 in the public sector and 1,303 in the private sector.

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