Minister of State confirms tourism success and addresses local works

Serge Telle, accompanied by Robert Colle, Secretary General of the Government, received journalists on the afternoon of Monday, September 4, to discuss a number of themes.

For tourism – Although the figures for August are not yet known, the Secretary General confirmed the good results of tourism for the summer season with an occupancy rate estimated at 85 percent. For the month of July, the average price of a night stayed at 386 euros, the same as in 2016, and the occupancy rate for the month was 78.72 percent.

On another theme, Mr. Telle said that the problems associated with the Gardens of Apolline were an absolute priority for the Government: “We are not in a logic of economy but in a logic of action,” he said referring to the problems associated with water pipes and drainage. Families have been rehoused temporarily and rent holidays implemented as repair work continues on the buildings, which house Monegasques.

He said that every effort was being made to find appropriate solutions. He said that an expert was appointed to rule on the causes of the malfunctions, the responsibilities, and an assessment of the financial damage suffered by the State. Remedial work will continue in parallel with the assessment of damages and costs. He said that a special account had been opened to keep track of expenditures.


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