Minister of State at the Eighth World Water Forum

Photo: AIG-MRE
Photo: AIG-MRE

His Excellency Serge Telle is leading a Monaco delegation at the Eighth World Water Forum, which is taking place from March 18 to 23 in Brasilia. Nearly 40,000 people from more than 160 countries, including decision-makers, politicians, experts, civil society, and water stakeholders around the world are meeting this year focussed on the theme “Sharing water”.

During his address at the official Opening Ceremony, Monaco’s Minister of State said: “Our responsibility is to act while there is still time: to mobilise countries, to support multilateral organisations, to set companies in motion.”

He called for a correction to the deficiencies of a short-sighted economy, which too often considers water, and with it, other natural resources, as worthless universal goods. He said: “It is urgent to learn to integrate them into our profitability calculations, as it is essential to incorporate the long-term effects of our actions on the environment.”

Finally, he pointed out that Monaco, under the authority of the Sovereign Prince, made water a priority. The Minister of State later participated in a ministerial round table on climate change.

The World Water Forum, organised by the World Water Council, is one of the largest events in the world related to water and contributes to the decision-making process on water at the global level, aimed at achieving a rational and sustainable use of this resource.


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