Millennials get ready to stage Beauty Masterclass Nov 7

Kevin Smeenk, Director of Studio 39 hair salon and Eugenie Lurvink, makeup artist and mink eyelash entrepreneur.
Kevin Smeenk, Director of Studio 39 hair salon and Eugenie Lurvink, makeup artist and mink eyelash entrepreneur.

Prepare to rethink everything you thought you knew about hair, makeup and eyelashes, because two resident Millennials are here to teach you a thing or two on November 7th.

Living in an era where social media is king, getting that perfect selfie ready makeup contour and highlight is something that practically comes as natural as breathing to many people, and beauty gurus on YouTube are #GOALS it’s no wonder that the beauty industry is worth over €370 billion.

A community of passionate artists, these beauty gurus hone their skills as well as constantly evolve with advances in techniques. While queen of social media and reality television, as well as CEO of her own beauty empire, Kim Kardashian’s Masterclass with her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic in NYC may not be the most geographically practical to beauty lovers in our area we don’t to worry, we’ve got our own gurus that got us covered.

Enter Kevin Smeenk, the handsome young director of Studio 39 hair salon in the exclusive members club 39 Monte Carlo and the fashionable makeup artist and mink eyelash entrepreneur Eugenie Lurvink. On Tuesday November 7th, you’ll have a chance to watch these pros at work as Kevin shows you how to get the perfect glam hairdo and curls and Eugenie speaks about contouring and eyelashes at their Masterclass. They’ll show you how to get the look at home so bring your necessary beauty tools with you (curling irons, makeup brushes, eyelash curlers – whatever).

Having interviewed Kevin before (look for that next month) I know you guys are in for a special treat as his skill level is near flawless and he knows exactly how to make his clients look their best. Having run into Eugenie at an event in town she is the perfect makeup artist to learn from when it comes to getting the look for a night out in Monaco.

So if you fancy learning some new tricks or just refreshing on what you already know, this is one date you should not miss.

Instagram sensation and style blogger Louis Pisano writes Article first published October 22, 2017.


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