Mike Horn becomes first man to cross Antarctic solo

Photo: Facebook Mike Horn
Photo: Facebook Mike Horn

Mike Horn, the explorer with strong links to Monaco, has succeeded in his solo Antarctic crossing. He achieved this remarkable feat in 57 days, travelling 5,100 kilometres. He passed the South Pole on January 9.

No one had ever traversed most of his route, which he covered on skis. On some days, using kites to harness the winds, he was able to complete 200 kilometres, while on others, he faced very strong winds and had to hunker down in his tent.

On Tuesday, February 7, the 50-year-old made it to the French base of Dumont d’Urville and the end of another epic adventure.

In January, 2009, Mike Horn met up with HSH Prince Albert near the South Pole. Prince Albert was on a tour of Antarctica, visiting research outposts across the continent as part of his ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the necessity of protecting polar areas.

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