Microalgae conference at Oceanographic Museum open to public Thursday


As part of Monaco Ocean Week, the RAMOGE Agreement and the International Atomic Energy Agency are working together to improve the monitoring and management of benthic microalgae blooms.

The overall functioning and structure of marine ecosystems is strongly conditioned by the behaviour of the first steps in the food chain, and in particular by the microalgae that develop in shallow water and on the hard sediments and substrates of coastal environments.

This issue affects many countries around the world and comes under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 “to conserve and sustainably exploit the oceans, seas and marine resources”.

The two organisations are holding a training session from Monday, April 9 until Thursday, April 12, at the Oceanographic Museum for environment scientists and managers in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean Regions and Europe. The workshop will reinforce their knowledge of the monitoring of harmful microalgae blooms.

The members of the Agreement will take part to bring their expertise on the surveillance of Ostreopsis ovata, a microalgae present notably in the RAMOGE zone for about fifteen years.

On Thursday, April 12, a free public meeting will hear the prospects for management of harmful microalgae at the regional and global scale. To participate, register with the RAMOGE Agreement Secretariat (contact@ramoge.org or on +377 98 98 42 29).


IUM and Oceanographic museum combine to meet awareness challenge