McLaren Senna makes its way to Monaco

McLaren Senna supercars are reaching customers around the world. Top Gear Motoring Editor Ollie Marriage took one on a 1,500-mile trip to Monaco, reports.

Marriage’s trip began at Estoril in Portugal where Ayrton Senna won his first Formula 1 Grand Prix. The 1,500-mile journey took Marriage through Portugal, Spain, and France to the Principality, the place Senna called home.

The Senna defaults to Sport mode on the motorway, but even changing it to Comfort doesn’t make much of a difference. According to Marriage, the car feels much more at home on the track.

However, the twisting roads of the Pyrenees mountain range that separate Spain and France are a good backup. Marriage praises the Senna, saying its a joy to drive, and in the real world, it feels ridiculously fast.

He does note a hint of understeer, but out on real roads, active aerodynamics aren’t doing much of the work.

When McLaren debuted the Senna, it looked ready to dominate at the race track. But Marriage’s 1,500-mile road trip proves owners can take the car on long road trips and still enjoy everything it has to offer.

McLaren Senna

It may drone a bit on the highway, beat up your lower back, or make your rear end go numb after a while, but once you find those twisting mountain roads, you won’t care about any of the car’s deficiencies.

The McLaren Senna is a 789-horsepower supercar that looks at home on the track. But if you don’t want trek to your local raceway every weekend just to enjoy everything the car has to offer, you could find some twisty roads.

Then again, you have to own one, and with only 500 being built, that’d be difficult. Not only do you have to find one for sale, but you also have to come up with the £750,000 (approximately $837,000 in the U.S).