Mayor distances himself from false Facebook page

A false Facebook page has been set up in the name of Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan, the local French-language Monaco Matin reports. The Mayor has filed a complaint with the Police in the Principality and has explained that he does not have a Facebook page.

Ten days ago, a number of people working at the town hall noticed that the Mayor’s identity had been usurped with the setting up of a page on Facebook purporting to be his. Several people outside the municipal offices also warned him, Georges Marsan said.

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“People need to know that the Mayor of Monaco does not have a personal Facebook page, but only the official page of the Town Hall,” the Mayor told the daily.

Mr Marsan’s attempts to reach Facebook directly to ask that the fraudulent page be deleted were unsuccessful. The Town Hall has posted a message on its real Facebook page pointing out that the Mayor does not have a Facebook presence and asking users to pass on any information they may have relating to the matter.