Marseille jobs boost from Portier project

The building of the sea extension at Portier is an exciting development for Monaco but also excellent news for Marseille, where work on the pontoons is about to start.

Bouygues Immobilier will build 18 reinforced concrete caissons, each 27 metres high and weighing 10,000 tons. A total of 700 jobs are being created calling on expertise in a number of roles. The company is actively searching for crane operators, metal-workers, and machine operators, and form-builders among a range of specialised skills. The total includes work for sub-contractors (see

There will be considerable economic spin-off from the project, which will involve two years of construction in Marseille.

After being floated in a designated dock at the port, the caissons will be towed to Monaco in time for the start of the major construction work at Portier in 2020.

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