Marine permits to be issued as plastic cards

Photo: Facebook Government Monaco
Photo: Facebook Gouvernement Monaco

Monaco’s Department of Maritime Affairs will issue new permits for operating pleasure craft in the form of a plastic card, similar to a driving licence or bankcard. The old paper licences will remain valid.

The department said that the new card will be more practical, more secure and more resistant to water and ageing. As before, the licences come in two categories, A and B.

Category A licences are valid for operating sailing boats or motorised leisure craft up to five nautical miles from the shore. These are sometimes referred to as coastal licences.

Category B permits are valid for operating any motorised pleasure craft with no limitations on range, and are frequently called offshore licences.

Applications can be picked up in person from the Direction des Affaires Maritimes at 20 quai l’Hirondelle, Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 5 pm or downloaded here.

For more information in English about “How to apply for a licence for leisure boats” see the government’s Public Service website.


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