March 1 brings cold comfort to smokers

Photo: Tomasz Sienicki
Photo: Tomasz Sienicki

The first day of March sees a number of price changes in France. Predictably, the cost of a packet of cigarettes will jump again, by around 10 percent, as the French government looks for ways to increase its tax income while also acting in the best health interests of smokers.

A pack of 20 Marlboro Red and Gold will increase to 70 cents to €8. Camel and Gauloise Blonde will also increase to the same price, while Lucky Strike Red, Winfield and Winston Red will jump from €6.80 to €7.80.

Meanwhile natural gas prices are set to fall, by three percent for heating, 1.8 percent for cooking and hot water combined, and one percent for cooking. The welcome drop in price follows an increase of 6.9 percent in January. The regulated gas prices are determined by wholesale gas and oil prices.


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