Making the cut: new health care student’s autumn term begins

The school year has begun for the newest nursing and care assistant trainees in the Principality. More than 2,500 applicants were vying for the coveted spots, and in the end 27 lucky students made the grade.


This year’s selection process was the first to use the recently instated ‘parcoursup’ method, which no longer relies on the more competitive and controversial Admission Post-Bac (APB) system but collects data on individual students via a website and takes the wishes of future students in a chosen profession into consideration. The new system is meant to be fairer as it bears in mind the merits of students rather than factors such as where they live and familial situation.

“This shows great keenness and motivation, I strongly encourage you in your choice,” said Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, in a speech given on the student’s first day of term. “We will train you in this occupation because we are preparing your future. Listening, attentiveness and good conduct are the hallmarks of the nursing profession. Be efficient and professional and give the best of yourself.”

Another new aspect of the 2019-2020 academic year is the introduction of a uniform. Nursing traineeswill be visible by their red polo shirts and Care Assistant trainees will be sporting blue. It is believed the uniforms will give each new student a sense of belonging and assist in assuming their new roles for the year.