Major step made towards easing traffic congestion into Monaco

There is an end in sight for commuters who endure frustrating traffic jams while travelling into Monaco from the A8 motorway each day. It was announced this week that a financing agreement has been signed to build a new and much needed access ramp via Beausoleil into the Principality.

PHOTO: ©Direction de la Communication/Stéphane Danna

An estimated 11,000 vehicles make the journey into Monaco every weekday morning.  This influx of cars and trucks has been the bane of commuter’s existence for years, but this is about to change.

Soon, those making the daily trip into the Principality will have another way to approach the area, easing the strain on current routes and making travel times less stressful.

Just under three years ago, a new access ramp was proposed from the A8 motorway through Beausoleil. This week, the financing agreement was signed to put the proposal into action, signalling a green light to start the construction works. 

“This project is a technical and political, administrative and financial cooperative effort, remarkably efficient since the signing of our framework agreement in January 2017, and even before,” said Serge Telle, Monaco’s Minister of State.

The €6 million project is a collaborative effort of the Prince’s government, the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council, the French Riviera Agglomeration Community, and VINCI/Escota Autoroutes, and is expected to take about one year to complete.