Macron calls for profound change

Photo: Facebook Emmanuel Macron
Photo: Facebook Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has told Congress that he will work to bring France along a new path.

In a speech lasting more than an hour on Monday, the Head of State said he wanted to say farewell to cynicism and to “renew the spirit of conquest”.

He welcomed the “resolute and profound transformation” instilled by his election. “What is asked of us by the French people is to reconnect with the spirit of conquest that has made it [possible], and finally to reconcile it with itself,” he said.

Referring to B-partisan politics of Left and Right, President Macron said: “The French people have shown their impatience towards the political world too often made of quarrels or empty ambitions.” He also warned newly-elected parliamentarians not to return to bad habits.

Referring to his strongest critics, the President said: “We have to get out of this climate of false trials where public debate has locked us up too long. We have to find air, serenity, and gaiety.”

He called for “an end to this incessant search for a scandal”, warning the press not to look for scandals where there aren’t any.

One of the planks in Macron’s platform is to reduce the number of parliamentarians by one-third. He claims that a smaller parliament would be more efficient.

Meanwhile, leaders of several trade unions are already threatening industrial unrest once the President attempts fundamental changes in France’s cumbersome labour laws. (Homepage image: Facebook Emmanuel Macron)




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