Linley brings screen and special Desk to MYS

Photo: The Cassiopeia Screen.
Photo: The Cassiopeia Screen.

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, Linley will be showcasing two spectacular pieces of furniture, The Cassiopeia Screen and The Odyssey Desk, the company says.

“At Linley, we are inspired by transforming an ethereal idea into a reality, we work with master craftsmen who turn the impossible into the possible. The two pieces of furniture that we are displaying at Monaco are The Odyssey Desk crafted in a rich blue eucalyptus and the Cassiopeia Screen, created in collaboration with British artist Jonathan Yeo.”

The Odyssey Desk is created in a sophisticated hand-dyed marine blue eucalyptus who’s veneers seemingly ripple like the ocean. The desk is finished with a light grey pama stringing which frames its prominent outline. The original design was inspired by a client who loves photography and wanted to incorporate the curves of the lenses on his favourite camera into the structure of the desk. The bespoke handles are crafted in bronze and have been wrapped in a sumptuous navy leather, the desk top features a matching leather writing surface. Rather than placed against a wall, the desk is designed to stand in the middle of a room and be admired from all angles.

Linley has gained a reputation for fusing innovative design with superlative craftsmanship, often including complicated mechanical touches such as secret drawers and compartments in its designs.

Within the curved pedestal of the Odyssey Desk, is a hidden compartment which is opened by a secret button on the other side of the desk, accessible only by the person sitting at it; a signature of Linley ingenuity.

“The combination of our designers’ specialist knowledge of veneers and the expert skills in our workshops have made Linley’s marquetry screens renowned, with folding room-dividing screens and wall-hanging artworks, which are especially sought-after for superyachts, being the most popular bespoke commissions. We explored the possibilities between the two, so our designers devised a screen with three panels that rotate between fixed engineered brushed brass and polished aluminium supports, the cassiopeia screen.” the UK design house says.


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