Launch of Matrice Smart-City Monaco programme

Photo: Manu Vitali/DC
Photo: Manu Vitali/DC

The Minister of State received 30 students from eight selected countries on Monday, November 27, to work on issues related to the digital development of the Principality and propose innovative solutions. The partnership links the association Matrice and the Government, with the support of entrepreneur Xavier Niel.

The Principality wanted to set up this partnership with the ambition of bringing together students from different backgrounds to think about ways to design and develop a Smart City in Monaco. The first period, a 15-day immersion period, is intended for them to get to know the country, where they will put themselves “in the shoes of a tourist”.

Serge Telle said he believes that “digital is a key issue for the Principality and represents a unique opportunity to develop according to the values of the Sovereign Prince, such as sustainable development, and an opportunity also to position Monaco as an innovative player in sectors that are dear to him, especially tourism.”

The Minister added that the programme aims to gradually develop a significant amount of digital potential and to make Monaco an exemplary state in the field.

Martice is an association École 42, a training program without courses and without teachers whose objective is to transmit the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation to the students, so that they bring ingenious and new answers to the various problems of the society in the digital age.


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