Latin American Fashion Show

A unique fashion show dedicated to Latin American designers will be held in May, revealing how ancestral techniques can be applied to the haute couture catwalks of today.

Presente Ancestral will be held on May 18th during Monte Carlo Fashion Week, at Le Meridien.

Step into the showroom from 4pm and, with the help of a carefully selected line-up of sound, projection and layout, you will immediately be transported into Latin America. Learn about the origins of ancestral fashion collections through informative screens and videos, and talk to the designers.

At 7pm the showroom will spring into life with a unique catwalk runway in the shape of a ‘U’ and the event will close with a DJ animated cocktail and dinner after party.

According to the organisers, this innovative fashion event seeks to prove the importance of keeping standards of sustainability as an integral part of the luxury and fashion industries, encouraging responsible manufacturing and commercialisation, which in-turn safeguards fair trade, respect for the environment and promotes solidarity towards cultural diversity.

It uses Latin American advances in this direction as an example of how artisanal knowhow can cooperate with state of the art design adding meaning and value to its fashion industries, while keeping the highest standards in haute couture.

During the event, 17 designers from El Salvador, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico, together with their artisans, will present their exclusive collections which aim to rescue the material and non-material patrimony of ancient cultures deeply anchored in the identity of today’s Latin American society.

“The bond between the designer, the creative master of shapes and designs, of stories and sensations together with the labour and knowledge of artisans using ancestral manufacturing methods, shapes and colours, can only synthesize a magnificent display of textures, colours and shapes that dress the ancestral present,” explained Carolina Davila, executive director and founder of Davila Partners. “The objective is to create a virtuous space to stimulate the participation and access of Latin American designers into the European luxury fashion market using the Principality of Monaco as a hub, whose population is highly international and sophisticated.”

Funds raise by AMLA, through the auction of selected and exclusive designs, will serve to support the Kaalan Neek project, whose objective is the rescue, organic reproduction and use of traditional seeds of the Mayan culture. For this, women of these communities in the Tulum area in Mexico develop community and family orchards, both for human consumption and for the reproduction and rescue of the seeds leading to the creation of a traditional seeds bank, which makes exchanges with other communities in the country once a year at the Seed Exchange Fair.

AMLA is a Monaco-based non-profit association created in 2017 and run by five Latin American women from Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Cuba, all Monaco resident. Their goal is to promote socio cultural exchanges and solidarity among Latin American enthusiasts and residents within the Principality of Monaco, in Latin America and among consulates and embassies and other related institutions.

“We do so by carefully selecting and planning events that bring to life a particular Latin American tradition, or country-specific sociocultural aspect. Funds raised through our events help us support punctual charitable projects that focus on helping children and families of distressed Latin American areas,” revealed Carolina Davila. “We organise regular smaller manifestations such as workshops, both for children and adults, conferences and social gatherings as well as galas and cocktails.”

After the success of the Brazilian Carnival, Children’s Christmas party and workshop, their Cuban Beach Sunset Gala, the Mexican Day of the Dead, and the upcoming Ancestral Fashion Show, AMLA will be organising a Colombian Gala on June 22nd to celebrate Colombia’s 200 years.