Korean artist to exhibit in Monaco in support of Mothers of Africa

Photo: Miae Cho
Photo: Miae Cho

Korean artist and soprano Miae Cho will exhibit her abstracts in Monaco at Espace d’Art (10 Quai Antoine) from February 3.

The “Om mane padme hum” exposition with include 31 pieces from her collections “Faces”, “Graffiti Arts” and “Life Long Balance”, with a percentage of the art sales to be donated to the Monaco-based association Mothers of Africa.

Originally from Seoul, Ms Cho lives between Monaco and Boston and is a juried member of L’association internationale des arts plastiques auprès de l’UNESCO (AIAP) in the Principality.

Ms Cho’s first passion was singing and she earned a Masters degree in music in Korea. An accomplished soprano, she has performed all over the world, including at Carnegie Hall, and created the first album of its kind created by arranging ancient Buddhist mantras to music.

In 1993, after her last concert tour of the US, Ms Cho decided to take residence in Boston and study art.

“Buddhism and music are a strong love and inspiration of mine and like much of my art, my paintings are a musical interpretation of freedom that takes flight regardless of limitation or barriers,” Ms Cho said.

“When I paint abstract, I paint impromptu without planning. The music provides the emotional direction, which takes over and frees my limitation. I have a wish that viewers will see and experience in my paintings the energy, excitement, hopes, dreams and love that I feel when I create my art.”

Throughout the years, Ms Cho has had numerous solo and group exhibitions all over the world, including London, Seoul, Hamburg and Boston. Her exhibit “Expression” will take place at the Artifact Gallery in New York in October this year.

Om mane padme hum runs from February 3 to 8, open daily from 3 pm to 7 pm.


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