Kelly mansion up for sale

Grace Kelly’s childhood home in Philadelphia is for sale for $1 million…

According to a sign on the front lawn, Kelly’s the home is a Pennsylvania historical landmark. The sign lists other famous former residents including her father, John B. Kelly, Sr., who built what Forbes calls ‘the humble abode’ in 1935 and won three Olympic rowing gold medals.

Likewise, her brother, John B. Kelly, Jr., holds an Olympic rowing bronze medal and the 1947 Henley Regatta champion title. Across 0.69 acres, the property includes the 4,000-square-foot brick Georgian house, a detached one-car garage, and a spacious private backyard.

Overgrown gardens give the exterior a charming, romantic feel – fit for a princess. Appropriately, Prince Rainier III of Monaco proposed to Kelly inside the house in 1955, after which Kelly, at 26, retired from her illustrious acting career to fulfil her duties in Monaco. Traditionally decorated, the interiors evoke a nostalgia of the ’50s, when Kelly’s brother won his rowing awards and Kelly earned her Academy for The Country Girl and her Golden Globe for Mogambo.