Keeping Monaco ports clean

As worldwide focus on marine litter increases, Monaco’s ports have taken steps to encourage recycling and help boaters and marina users dispose of waste responsibly.

Since 2011, Monaco’s ports have been certified ‘Clean Ports’ and have made several improvements to the marinas to assist sailors in going green. For example, special sorting bins have been installed that collect glass, packaging, and other waste to make recycling a breeze.

The latest scheme, introduced last year by the Department of Urban Amenities in conjunction with the association, Clean Gestures, is called “I Sail, I Sort” and the end game is clear. Environmentally-friendly, biodegradable bin bags and totes are provided so that boaters are encouraged to do onboard recycling and proper waste disposal.

The bags are readily available at the captaincy office in Fontvieille and the Monaco Port Exploitation Company’s reception office in Port Hercule. They are free of charge.