Junior Chamber offers leadership training

The Junior Chamber of Economy of Monaco starts its six-part training programme dedicated to leadership and management on September 22, in partnership with the management and human resources consulting firm GROW UP Human Resources.

Thierry Chausse and Jean-Philippe Ackermann will offer the keys to success in business and tools to better manage a team and adopt the real status of leader. The six training sessions are not to be missed, the JCE said.

The first session takes place with the title: “Adopt a champion mind to boost collective performance,” and will take place on Saturday, September 22, from 09h to 17:00 with GROW UP Human Resources at JCEM headquarters.

Young business people fist-bumping

“Like a sportsman, a good manager is a champion in the company: he wins victories… he must be in good physical shape, he must behave as a leader, never give up, be pugnacious…

“It is the awareness and mastery of one’s mental strength and constant optimism that gives him the resources to face the most complicated events, motivate his teams and lead them to success,” the JCE says.

The training course ends on December 6 with the topic: “Better selling: the storytelling of the product.”