Julien Prévieux’s archive of gestures at Villa Paloma

Julien Précieux What Shall we do next? (Sequence #2)
Julien Précieux What Shall We Do Next? (Sequence #3)

At the esoteric end of the art spectrum, Villa Paloma is presenting on Friday, November 18, and Sunday, November 20, between 2 pm to 6 pm “What Shall We Do Next? (Sequence #3),’” a free performance by Julien Prévieux interpreted by Marion Carriau, Sophie Demeyer K Goldstein and Kate Moran.

What Shall We Do Next? (Sequence #3) is a performance that takes as a starting point the proprietary gestures. The artist has devised a choreography by taking gestures patented by companies. A real “archive of gestures to come”, it provides an opportunity for Julien Prévieux to question the ownership of our most banal gestures and how we are constantly changing the repertoire of our bodily techniques. It is a question of showing what our bodily future could be made of, how we will move our hands or our eyes in five or ten years and asks ourselves the question: to whom do we belong?

Born in 1974 in Grenoble, Julien Prévieux lives and works in Paris. An indefatigable explorer and analyst of madness in everyday life, he crosses visual arts, display and experimentation, as well as libraries, new technologies and choreography, Villa Paloma says. In particular, the artist appropriates the very particular language of the companies in order to reveal the strategies, the ins and outs of them. Winner of the Prix Marcel Duchamp 2014, he recently exhibited at the Center Pompidou, RISD Museum of Art, Providence, USA and soon at the University of Toronto Art Center, Canada.