JP victims organise response

Photo:  JP Construction's calling card near Grasse supplied
Photo: JP Construction’s calling card near Grasse

Unhappy clients of JP Construction are directing their complaints to the Monaco Police after the Monaco-registered company ceased trading last week. Several customers of the firm appear to have lost large amounts, with total losses reaching seven figures. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of John Olsen and Peer Pedersen remain unknown. The company’s mainly Polish workforce was laid off last week without notice and worksites were abandoned during the day on Thursday…

One young couple near Grasse have been left in precarious circumstances. Not only has their 30,000 euros deposit disappeared, but as a result of excavation work around the house, the building has been left more prone to landslides such as those that hit the area in 2010 and 2011.

“We signed a contract with JP Construction in August and they were due to start work in September. They actually started in the first week of November. They brought in a digger and demolished the terrace and steps in front of the house ready to build a stronger retaining wall. Last Thursday I asked for a meeting with the foreman, and as had happened all along, there were excuses and delays. When we got home from work the digger had gone and so had the truck being used to take away soil. We paid a deposit of 30,000 euros. But that’s not our biggest problem…

“Our house now stands completely exposed to the weather. We are expecting rain this weekend and we don’t know what will happen. I will be coming to Monaco next week to talk to the police,” the victim near Grasse told Monaco Today.

Meanwhile, the thread at anglo-info that victims have been using to communicate is no longer working as posts are taken down shortly after being posted. Victims of JP Construction’s collapse are now using the readers’ forum at the Riviera Reporter to communicate and organize a coordinated response to recent events. (please see two other reports on JP Construction by scrolling down)