Interview: DJ Grace, jet set DJ of the French Riviera

She is Monaco’s rising jet set DJ, who also happens to be an incredibly inspirational woman. DJ Grace Williams plays at various venues in the Principality and around the French Riviera, including the Yacht Club of Monaco, Komo Monaco and the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez. She is also a producer and, in her own words, a “happiness activist”.

Monaco Life intern Dijana Josifovic met with DJ Grace at a gig at Komo and discovered that behind this beautiful face and talented DJ, there is a strong woman with an inspiring life story.

DJ Grace, Komo Monaco, 2019

Dijana: How and why did you get involved in the DJ scene?

DJ Grace: Music has always been my passion from early on in life. I began a career as a real estate broker but I soon realised this was not my true passion. Unfortunately, I suffered a life-threatening accident, a gas explosion, after which I needed years to heal. However, I didn’t let this destroy my life. I went on to search for my true purpose and happiness. It was during an Oprah Winfrey show in Miami that I actually got inspired when I saw a female DJ on stage during the show. That’s when I knew. I had goosebumps all over my body.

I then decided to follow my dream and went to school to become a DJ in the French Riviera. During this time, I met a fashion designer called Denis Durand who propelled me as a DJ in the world of fashion. Since then, which was five years ago, my career has taken off.

DJ Grace (left), with Monaco Life intern Dijana Josifovic (right) at Komo Monaco

And now? 

I filled a gap in the market that didn’t exist before. I also work with designers such as Roberto Cavalli and the fashion brand Valentino, serving as a DJ during their events.

I have my own reality TV show in Monaco, as well as a single coming out on the 11th of August. It will be a fun song based on life in Monte Carlo. But my next song will be deeper and more about uplifting people’s spirits.

DJ Grace (left), at a Roberto Cavalli event in St. Tropez

How would you describe your style?

Chic jet set DJ with a feminine, girly, cute side.

Where do you DJ and what approach do you take?

Yacht Club of Monaco, Komo Monaco, Hotel de Paris, a lot of designers such as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Fred Chopard…

I never come to a venue with a preconceived idea of my whole playlist from start to finish. I look at the crowd and I adapt according to every venue and all the people listening. Some songs I recently played are a “Voulez Vous” remix and “All Night long” by Lionel Richie.

Who are your muses?

Black Coffee. I want to be the female Black Coffee.

What are some of the best memories you have of the job? 

Three weeks ago, on my birthday, I took a helicopter from Monaco to Saint Tropez, and as I went through the crowd I saw a guy who had made a painting of me. I was really touched and it made me feel really valued. I felt truly appreciated.

DJ Grace with her signature symbol, a big teddy bear

You don’t fit the bill of your average DJ. Has that helped or hindered your job?

Every person and DJ chooses to follow a direction that fits them. Every market has a need for some sort of DJ. I am a DJ in the jet set and fashion world, for now. Maybe I will change my style in the future, but for now, this fits me very well.

Do you have any advice for people to succeed and find happiness? 

If you have faith and you never give up, you can achieve your dreams. Nobody should hold you back from anything. You have to convince yourself and not let yourself listen to the negativity.