International Voluntary Service celebrates its 10th anniversary

Launched in 2007 by the Directorate of International Cooperation, the International Voluntary Service (VIM) programme has enabled many young people to live and work in one of the countries receiving help from Monegasque Cooperation.

To mark the 10 years of the VIM program, the DCI last week brought together a large number of volunteers who have carried out a mission since 2007, as well as some key partners who welcomed them, in the presence of the Government-Minister of External Relations and Cooperation.

Testimonies, round tables and workshops were held during the day to take stock of these ten years, to promote the programme and to help it evolve.

All the volunteers were unanimous in saying that it was an enriching life experience, both in human terms and professionally. For some, it is an intercultural experience and the opportunity to give meaning to their professional career by putting themselves at the service of others. For others, it is a stepping stone towards a career in international aid.

The aim of the VIM program is to allow young people between the ages of 21 and 35 to have professional experience of one to three years in international aid, within a structured and secure framework. For the host partners, it is a guarantee of expertise and a transfer of skills.

To date, 35 volunteers have been deployed in eight countries, mainly in Africa, in support of an international or local NGO or a UN agency. The missions entrusted are various: project coordinator, responsible for partner relations and fundraising, administrative and financial management, social worker, facilitator, nurse, occupational therapist, and more.