Important new rules for Monaco’s travelling minors

Photo: Carissa Rogers
Photo: Carissa Rogers

In view of the introduction in France, from January 15, 2017, of new rules concerning minors travelling without parents, Monaco is following the same procedures.

All minors residing in Monaco who are to leave the Principality on a trip abroad without a person who has parental authority must have proper authorisation to do so. This authorisation takes the shape of a form available on the governmental portal.

To cross borders, your child will have to have with him the original of this printed form, signed by the holder of the parental authority. The traveller must also bear, for a Monegasque or a resident who is a national of a state outside the European Economic Community, his or her passport or for a resident who is a national of a Member State of the European Economic Community, his or her passport or his national identity card, and a photocopy of the identity document of the person signing the form.

The minor must be able to present these documents upon the demand of the border control services. This form is the only document valid for a minor residing in the Principality.

Of course, such an authorisation is issued exclusively in the context of a trip abroad, it will not be required, for example, for a simple journey in everyday life, such as travelling to Nice.

However, this authorisation is separate from the parental discharge that some airlines may require indicating that the child is allowed to fly.

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