Heiva i Monaco

Get whisked away to the Polynesian islands with the unique Tahitian dance show and competition ‘Heiva i Monaco’ this September.

‘Heiva i Monaco’ is an immersive show featuring more than 20 dancers from across the globe. Organised by the creators of the famous ‘Heiva i Paris’, the show is both a festival and a dance competition marking an official stage of the HiP’s League, the Professional and Amateur World League of Tahitian Dance.

From ‘Aparima’, the languorous dance of the Vahines, to the ‘Ote’a’, a quick dance to live percussion, and the famous ‘Haka’, the Salle des Princes at the Grimaldi Forum will come alive with the sounds and sights of Polynesia.

Music will also feature award-winning Polynesian artist Ken Carlter, who will be performing hits from his new album, including ‘la Ora Na’.

The Heiva Festival has been taking place in Polynesia for more than 135 years and has been welcomed in various countries including Japan, Mexico and the United States.

‘Heiva i Monaco’ will be held on 7th September at 8pm at the Salle des Princes, Grimaldi Forum.