Head of urology at Princess Grace steps down

hospitalThe head of the urological department of the Princess Grace Hospital, Dr Herve Baumert, has resigned, citing problems with his deputy over a period of several months. The post of director will now be advertised so that a new head of the urological service can be appointed as soon as possible.

In May this year, Dr Baumert told the Medical Commission that he had encountered difficulties in persuading his deputy to comply with his plans for the service as he had presented them to the selection board during his own appointment process and the interview at which he was the successful candidate on October 6, 2015.

An attempt at mediation failed, and despite instructions from the Medical Commission that the deputy follow the instructions of the chief of the department, Dr Baumert submitted his resignation on August 19, effective from September 29, 2016.

A temporary head of the urology department will be appointed from outside CHPG, pending a selection process for a new candidate. The Government, in a statement on Thursday, September 22, reiterated its commitment to the highest possible standards of care at CHPG.

An audit of the urology department has also been ordered by the Government.