Head down under Friday with the Monaco Australia Association

Monaco Australia Association's Beverley Holt with Annette Anderson of Stars'n'Bars and Brian Holt.
Monaco Australia Association’s Beverley Holt with Annette Anderson of Stars’n’Bars and Brian Holt. Photo: Monaco Life

Following the huge success of last year’s Australian Day bash celebrated by 150 Australians and friends of Australia, Stars’n’Bars and the Monaco Australia Association are bringing back the Aussie Party on Friday, January 26.

You can’t get more authentic than chef Didier Rubiolo’s Australian Barbie (not the doll!) with beef and chicken meat pies, sausage and “damper”, grilled cheeseburger sliders, mini fish-n-chips, falafel, potato salad, coleslaw and a meringue pavlova for dessert.


Guests will be treated to a spectacular firework display on the port at 7:45 pm, with exceptional views from Stars’n’Bars’ open-air balconies, before the DJ cranks the volume on the dance floor – spinning all your favourite Aussie Classics from AC/DC, INXS, Midnight Oil, Men at Work, and, of course no dance party would be complete without the Bee Gees.

There will also be prizes for the Best Aussie Look Contest although it will be difficult to beat Jennifer Jacotine dressed as Dame Edna last year.

2017 Best Aussie Look Contest won by Jennifer Jacotine as Dame Edna. Photo: Monaco Life
2017 Best Aussie Look Contest won by Jennifer Jacotine as Dame Edna. Photo: Monaco Life

Cash bar, which includes a selection of Australian wines and beer, opens at 7 pm, and the barbecue buffet – €30 per person, drinks not included – starts at 7:30 pm, so best to be on time as bush tucker doesn’t last long at an Aussie do.

Tickets must be purchased in advance online (Stars’n’Bars are the first customer of a new Monaco-based startup for online payment) or by sending a cheque to SNB at 6 quai Antoine 1er 98000 Monaco – be sure to include your email address. Alternatively you can pay at the door.

A vegan option is available but only by reservation to rsvpsnb@gmail.com, and note that there is no refund for late arrivals.

And by the way, there are no table reservations for anyone under 92 … this is a moveable Aussie feast.


Tenth anniversary of Australian relations