Happy Mother’s – and Father’s – Day to new Monegasque families

Photo: Mairie Monaco
Photo: Mairie Monaco

The Monaco City Council welcomed Monegasque families and their first child on Mother and Father’s Day on Wednesday, June 7, at a special event at the Town Hall.

Mayor Georges Marsan received the Monegasque families who welcomed their first child during the past year, for a warm reception in the Court of Honour of the Town Hall in Monaco Ville.

The mayor said how important it is for the City Council of Monaco to acknowledge the young parents. Early Childhood is one of the priorities of the commune’s activities and many services are provided by the Social Action Service under the guidance of its Communal Councillor delegated to Early Childhood, Chloé Boscagli-Leclercq.

The first concrete example of this commitment is Espace Parents, which was created in 2012 in order to facilitate meetings and exchanges between families and professionals working in Early Childhood.

Another recurring concern of the Communal Council is to respond to the ever-increasing demand for places in the community and, as a result, a third micro-crèche will welcome ten children as of September 2017.

Mayor Marsan warmly congratulated the happy parents by stressing that their mission in bringing up their children is an arduous task but of capital importance because “our children are our future, they will form the community in future years”.

It was in a relaxed atmosphere that the reception continued, with friendly exchanges between the families and members of the Communal Council.

Each child received as a gift a pretty bib embroidered with a teddy bear and the moto: “Min, sun de Mùnegu” (I am from Monaco).

Mayor Marson was accompanied by several elected officials: Marjorie Crovetto-Harroch, Françoise Gamerdinger, André J. Campana, Henri Doria, Chloé Boscagli-Leclercq, Axelle Amalberti-Verdino, Karyn Ardisson-Salopek and Claude Bollati.


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